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Candace Kirby, Cowichan Valley Counsellor welcomes you

A Centre for Counselling, Meditation and Transformation

Sanctuary for the Heart offers a variety of individual sessions, meditation and self-compassion workshops, and retreats on Vancouver Island.

We provide compassionate support and counselling for depression and all stages of grief and bereavement. Our services also include in-depth, skillful and supportive anxiety counselling. We also offer sexual abuse and trauma counselling that combines gentle support with somatic awareness and self-compassion practices.

Sanctuary for the Heart offers the guidance and support you need to gently turn towards your own heart as the true source of comfort, wisdom, sanctuary, unconditional love and the deepest peace.

Whatever you are experiencing in your life is the perfect opportunity for awakening to your true essence. While being guided by silence, meditation, and compassionate support we can begin to experience ourselves resting gently into our own hearts.

Home at Last.

“My experience with the Meditation Group:

“I’ve never been really into meditation and frankly not much of a group activities person either. I went to the meditation group with a bit of anxiety over the protocol for meditation. I thought you needed to be very structured with sitting positions, chants ect. Thankfully my mind was put at easy pretty quickly. There weren’t any mats on the floor with calm spiritual people in the lotus position. I walked into a warm comforting living room with a crackling log in the fireplace, big comfy furniture, pillows and blankets. I got to make myself a cup of tea and gently ease into some conversation with the others there while they made their tea of choice. Just people of all sorts wanting to release some stuff, get in touch with something or just plain slow down and breathe. As we made our way back to the living room we all naturally selected a spot, some even prefer the floor because of ailments. As we got settled sometimes Candace’s cats would snuggle in on one of our laps or on the top of the couch. Their gentle purr actually helped me get into the calm meditation mode. We always had a bit of a check in and then started our meditations. Sometimes the meditations were guided by a CD, most times by Candace. She has a lovely soothing voice that helps you drift deeper and deeper into the moment. Candace would ring a little chime when our sessions were done. Then depending on the day we would discuss our experiences or get our things and silently say good-bye and be on our way.

“Candace opened up her home for us to meet as a group and meditate I think the comfort of her home naturally puts people at ease and lets them relax. I loved the groups I attended with Candace.”


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All in-person sessions are held at our Chemainus location at mid-Vancouver Island. Let me know if you need help with directions.